Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated Roller Doors - Automatic

Foam filled slats for insulation, heat, strength and noise reduction ideal if your kitchen or bedroom is attached to your garage for warmth and security.

Remote controlled with 2 handsets as standard.

Patented self adjusting locking mechanism is incorporated into the axle assembly's roller door closes a high tensile bolt engages with the lock comb to secure the door making it not possible to lift the door when closed.

Internal control box with built in light, staying on for approximately 5 minutes after door operation to allow you to leave your car in your garage safely and not in the dark. You can also open the door by using the buttons on the bottom of the control box so no need to carry the handset with you everywhere.

An Internal manual release system is fitted as standard in case of power failure from inside the garage. External manual override optional extra for garages with no other entrance.

The unit also comes complete with 90db alarm as standard.

Internal head plates and guides are coloured to match the door to give a complete high standard of finish.

Safety edge as standard fitted to bottom of the door so that no damage can occur to your vehicle or yourself if mistakes are made on closing the door as it will simply reverse if it touch's anything.

A minimum of 10 colour choices available.

As an optional extra we can fit the EXCEL which is the only garage door to carry the Secured by Design Police preferred specification and it is the first garage door to carry the LPCB to offer police and insurance approval.

Insulated Roller Door - Manual

Combining great design and exceptional build quality, the insulated roller garage door offers attractive, effortless protection for your home.

Foam filled easily operated from inside or outside of the garage using handles located in the middle and bottom of the curtain.

The vertical opening means you can make the maximum use of your drive and garage space - parking safely just inches from your door.

Maximum width 3000mm and maximum height 2300mm

We supply and fit Garage doors in all areas in the North East of England.

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